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Elastic String Length of Respirator and Dust Mask ---2015-02-10T08:31:42
The first: the two head-handing loops are not the same length, the one upper head will be longer and lower shorter: 33CM+30CM.
Length of Disposable Surgical Mask Ear-loops and Head-loops ---2015-02-05T05:11:52
When purchasing elastic bands for face masks, there is one question which will be asked so often, especially for newly involved face mask manufacturers: how long elastic band will need for each face mask?
Comparing of Single Metal Core Nose Clips and Full Plastic Type ---2015-02-01T08:11:16
During the production of the most common surgical face masks (the square and plane type usually with three layers), most often there’re two kinds of nose clips will be used: single iron core nose clips and full plastic nose clips. Let’s clear some advantages and disadvantages of the two.
How the Elastic Band Connect on the Face Masks. ---2015-01-20T03:46:46
Kinds of ear-loop elastic band on the mask: Nowadays in disposable face masks industry, we can find, round small elastic which usually be used for surgical plane masks, sometimes narrow flat elastic bands also be used, and others use rubber type.
Did You Get Joints or Breaks from Shoe Cover Elastic Band/String from Your Supplier? ---2015-01-11T08:36:08
What disposable non-woven shoe cover elastic band(elastic string) looks like? And more, if you choose the new and right material, it will also very good in elasticity.
How Many Kinds of Face Mask Nose Clips You Can Get From Markets ---2014-03-19T08:00:00
Mask Material Tech is specially for offering all kinds of face mask production material. For example for face mask nose clip it can offer: 100% plastic nose clip, single iron core nose clip, double iron cores nose clip; nose clips can be offered in rolls and in required short length.