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Length of Disposable Surgical Mask Ear-loops and Head-loops

By LeoodyMaskMaterial
Thu, 05 Feb 2015 05:11:52 GMT

When purchasing elastic bands for face masks, there is one question which will be asked so often, especially for newly involved face mask manufacturers: how long elastic band will need for each face mask? And always the followed will be the “how many pieces mask we can get from one kg elastic”? Once you know the first answer, the second will be easy even for a primary student.

  1. There are two kinds of surgical mask most often be used in surgical, according to different material: elastic band mask(outer ear-loop face mask and inner ear-loop mask), and tie-on mask. Outer and inner use the same material: elastic type band, woven type or rubber, tie-on use non-woven (This length is usually 90CM for one sides.)

    elastic band mask

  2. For elastic band surgical masks, there are also two types: ear hanging masks and head hanging masks, head hanging elastics are much longer than ear hanging type.

  3. Ear hanging

    For most common size mask body: 175*95MM~180*95MM type, the elastic for each side usually is 17~18CM, including the welding part, different market will be a little difference, but not too much.

  4. Head-hanging

    There two sizes body for this type: 175(180)*95mm and 210*95MM, the elastic for each side from 270~300MM, different market will be a little difference, but not too much.

  5. Above data is for common, difference and special cases are always there: different area people will have different physique; different material will have different elasticity(some time the difference of elasticity very be very much).