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Comparing of Single Metal Core Nose Clips and Full Plastic Type

By LeoodyMaskMaterial
Sun, 01 Feb 2015 08:11:16 GMT

During the production of the most common surgical face masks (the square and plane type usually with three layers), most often there’re two kinds of nose clips will be used: single iron core nose clips and full plastic nose clips. Let’s clear some advantages and disadvantages of the two.

  1. Compared to full plastic type, single metal core nose clips can not good fix on the nose because it’s much softer, so there will be gap between the mask and the face make the face mask can’t work efficient. Full plastic is much better in shaping.

  2. Also because it’s softer, during the production it can not go smooth into the nose clips loading and cutting device as the full plastic.
    The loading device adopts rubber and metal rollers for the transfer, so once the material is soft it’s easy to move right and left or can’t be pulled into.

  3. During the production of these two kinds nose clipss, the single core nose clips is easier to be twisted, which is also not good for the production.

  4. Full plastic nose clips is much eco-friendly.
    The core of the single-core material usually made of iron, which is high pollution industry, so iron core nose clips is forbidden in some country for import.
    Some use aluminium for the core, but in this way the cost is much higher.
    Full plastic nose clips is made of 100% PE, it’s eco-friendly and the cost won’t be too much higher than the single core type.

So in conclusion, full plastic nose clips is a better choice for medical face mask production.