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How the Elastic Band Connect on the Face Masks.

By LeoodyMaskMaterial
Tue, 20 Jan 2015 03:46:46 GMT

Kinds of ear-loop elastic band on the mask:

Nowadays in disposable face masks industry, we can find, round small elastic which usually be used for surgical plane masks, sometimes narrow flat elastic bands also be used, and others use rubber type. For dust proof masks, usually spandex and polyester flat elastic will be used, with width of 5MM; both polyester and rubber elastic band will be used for N95 respirators(cup masks).

How to fix the elastic band to the face mask body?

There are usually 3 ways

1.Ultrasonic Welding: use ultrasonic to weld the elastic band on the masks and respirators. There are also two ways:

A.Weld the elastic directly on the masks: mainly for surgical non-woven masks and N95 respirators.

B.First weld a plastic holder on the mask, then tie the elastic band on the holders.

2.Use stapler: this is an old way in face mask production, especially for dust proof masks and respirators.

3.Thread Sewing: Now this method being used less and less, this is the most original way because in this way, the equipment cost is the least.