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Picture of Round Elastic Band
Round Elastic Band
Round Elastic Band

Round Elastic Band

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  1. Name: Round Elastic Band/Round Mask Ear-loop

  2. Content: Polyester+ Spandex

  3. Elasticity: 1:30

  4. Width: 2.5~2.8  MM

  5. Length(KG): 1200 YARDS

  6. Color: White or other

  7. Package

    Way: Inner: Poly Bag, Outer: Carton

    Size: 71*46*37 CM

    Weight: 19 KG

Applications: this round elastic band is suitable for all kinds of face mask ear-loop, mask elastic, N95 mask ear loop, face mask elastic, FFP2 elastic ear-loop, bouffant cap elastic cord, doctor cap elastic rape, medical mask elastic cord, tubular elastic ear loop, gloves elastic, mask elastic rope, mask bungee, surgical face mask ear-loop.


Round Elastic Band
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