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Picture of PVC Nose Foam
PVC Nose Foam
PVC Nose Foam

PVC Nose Foam

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l  Common Size: 100*40*2mm
Thickness: 2mm
Color: Grey
Packing: Cartons

 What’s the function of this NOSE FOAM?

The first one is very easy to understand: because of its soft character, it makes the wearing much more soft and comfortable. Especially for the respirators, because when make the inner layer, the cotton must be hard shaped by heating, if this hard layer touches our face directly, it may hurt us. And at the same time, it can help men to adjust the integrating degree between different people and masks.

The second function is for glasses wearers: to protect the glasses not be blurred by the warm exhale air from our mouth.

Sponge Foam for Dust Masks
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