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Picture of 7mm White Elastic Headband
7mm White Elastic Headband

7mm White Elastic Headband

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Content: Polyester+ Spandex

Elasticity: 1:28

Width(MM): 7 MM (free choose from 4mm~15mm)

Length(KG): 330~350 YARDS

Other Color: Gray, Yellow, orange, green and etc.

7mm White Elastic Headband

Applications: this N95 respirator headband is especially suitable for N95 dust face masks elastic headband, N95 masks headband, dust-proof respirators elastic headband, folded masks headband, pollen mask elastic headband, duckbill mask elastic cords,3M masks elastic headband, 3M respirators elastic rubbers, mask elastic strings and so on.

Tips for Mask & Respirator Elastic Headband Purchasing:

1. Beware of LATEX and SPANDEX
  LATEX with weak elasticity
  LATEX is HARMFIL for healthy
  LATEX cann't good weld by ULTRASONIC Welders
2. Beware of Low Price
  They may sent you LATEX elastic band instead of SPANDEX

Mask Material offers:
 1. SPANDEX elastic bands
 2. Two times SOFTER elastic bands
 3. 15~20 Newton Welded Strength elastic bands
 4. Reasonable price as we are manufacturer ourself.

Flat Elastic Band
within 5-20 days after receipt of payment