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Picture of Respirator Nose Clip(3M Type,Aluminium)
Respirator Nose Clip(3M Type,Aluminium)
Respirator Nose Clip(3M Type,Aluminium)

Respirator Nose Clip(3M Type,Aluminium)

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Name: Respirator Mask Aluminium Nose Clip (3M Type)
Width: 5 mm 
Thickness: 0.3-0.8 mm
Length : 75mm,80mm,85mm,88mm,90mm Or Customized 
Packing detail: 200 pcs/ bundle, 25000 pcs/ carton, 30 carton /wooden pallet
Carton size : 28.5x30x22 cm 
Sample time: 1-2 days
Production time: 7-10 days

Difference between 3M Aluminium Nose Clip and Ordinary Type:

If you observe carefully you will find that ALUMINIUM NOSE CLIP from 3M and ordinary market are different in the following items:

1. Shape: As different processing fixture 3M nose clip is straight and flat but ordinary type is curved to the hot melt glue side,see pictures below:

3M nose clip

Do you think the straight 3M type will be better for proper fit to the respirators?

2. Price: As different productivity with different fixture, these two types respirator aluminum nose clip are in different price, 3M type will be higher in price as its lower productivity in the same time.

3. Glue thickness: 3M type will be thinner than ordinary type, may because of straight type itself can be better fitting.

4. Shape of two ends: pls see attachment

Ordinary type is very smooth round corner but 3M type is in a special shape, between sharp right-angle and round.

It’s also said that the material and surface treatment are different, but they're commercial secrets.

Aluminum Nose Clip: the new replacement of plastic nose clip has the advantage as below: 
1. With GLUE on the back already, it can be stick to face mask very easy
2. Eco-friendly 
3. Easy to adjust the shape individually when people use the face mask. Make the face mask more comfortable, more efficiently to resist harmful substance.
4. Could be used repeatedly, more economic


We offer all kinds of PE nose clip, plastic with metal core nose clip, 100% aluminum nose clip. They are widely use in the health face mask, planar face mask, cup mask, respirator mask, breath mask ,disposable face mask tc.
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2. Free sample could be provided for your reference or test.
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